5, Text Item

Text Item.

To add a text item, select 'Items' then select 'Text Item', a new text item will be added to your page.



Editing the Text Item.

Select the item you wish to edit, the side bar displays the edit options for the item.


You can edit the text directly in the text item, you can also edit the HTML source in the side bar.


Inline Editor - Click 'Wysiwyg' to enable/disable the wysiwyg options.


Code Editor - Edit the HTML source code


Container & Offset.

Container - Select 'Full Width' for an edge to edge item, or default for the default item container.

Offset - Offset the item, the site uses a 12 column responsive grid, selecting offset 1 will offset the item by 1 column, the item will then span 10 columns with 1 column of space either side. Select 2 to span 8 columns with 2 columns space either side etc.


Animation & Delay.

Animation - Select an animation to have the item fade in, zoom in etc, animations start when the item is in view, this enables you to have long page with items that transition in as you scroll down the page.

Delay - Set a time delay for the animation in seconds, you can use decimals eg; 0.5 etc.


Editing the Text Item Styles (CSS).

Master / Custom

All items can be set to 'Master' or 'Custom' styles, changing master styles for the text item will affect all the text items in your site.

Select 'Custom' to set the styles individually for the item.


Select preferences for Font, Font Weight, Align, Text Color, BG Color, Font Size, Line Height, Letter Space, Margin and Padding.


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